Animal Communication & energy Sessions


Animals were my first love. They have been my very best friends. I consider them healers and balancers of energy and wisdom keepers serving with pure divine love. I am humbled by their sacred prescense in this world. 

The information from their spirit will assist you in how to best love, respect and care for them and often yourself, since they are an embodiment of unconditional love.  The messages provide an opportunity to understand that there is no divide between animals and people, that telepathy is a natural communication for everyone.

Giving voice to your beautiful, cherished loved ones is an honor and a testament to how strong the bond of love is. There is pure validation that the soul is eternal and the capacity to feel, know and be one with the universal energy of Love and Light is always available to each and every one of us.

Comprehensive animal energy package

animal communication

A Comprehensive Animal Energy Package includes one or more remote sessions of energy work and communication with your animal friend.

I will connect with the animal friend on a physical, mental, emotional and their higher spirit level.

Afterwards you will join in a group session together with the spirit of the animal to communicate with the animal and receive training and guidance with how to best work with them to enhance their well being and life. The training provides a foundation for you to utilize regularly to develop a deep soul connection and to work energetically with your friend.

To schedule a comprehensive Animal Energy Session call (406)696-1968

Animal remote energy session

During a remote session I will connect with your loved animal friend and act as a vessel to provide an energetic recalibration and reading.

As I am guided I will look at the emotional body, mental, physical and all Higher Self light body aspects. 
The energy work has been reported as positively affecting behavioral issues such as excessive anxiety and fear, as well as physical issues.

Please be aware that if there are factors in the environment of the animal that are negatively affecting them, then additional steps to correct those factors will be necessary for the animal to maintain their optimum state of health, happiness and overall well being.

After the session is complete you will receive an email with any additional information that came through and/or any additional support that the animal is requesting to maintain their well being.