1:1 mentorship

Cooperative work For deep transformation

90 day package

Phone or online meetings


If you:

  • Are being called from within to find your passion and are not sure how or where to start.
  • Are a person who is facing a transition in their life and looking for clear direction and to rediscover their confidence.
  • Are an independent professional, who works diligently towards their goals. 
  • A person who practices self-reflection and strives to expand your knowledge and your service work.
  • Are driven, passionate and willing to take action on your inner guidance and intuition to support your greatest life.
  • Love to make connections and support people in their success.
  • Have a focus on human, animal or planetary welfare and tend to look at the world in a global, unity perspective.
  • Are aware that you are operating at multiple levels or dimensions of life and want support through the process of living in full integrity with that part of yourself in the material world. 


1:1 support will take you to the next level 


what it is:

This cooperative work is a healing and supportive environment. It is a way to fully engage in your conscious unfoldment. The wisdom is coming from deep within you as pain, burdens and the past are gently released a direct path to your joy, freedom and strength is revealed. 

  • developing a mindful approach to your new business or a new aspect of your business
  • experiencing more freedom by traveling abroad, earning more money, connecting with new like-minded people, feeling more love/connection with Divine source.
  • expressing yourself authentically in your work or art
  • establishing your power in your life to feel more in the flow of Grace, abundance, miracles


i will help you:

  • bridge the gap -between a physical 3D experience of your life to the expanded multidimensional sensory experience of life. 
  • see mental illusions from truth
  • power up your energy-light bodies
  • focus on your now moment to become the observer in the bigger picture of what is occurring
  • develop mindful awareness to sense or perceive your inner wisdom/guidance 
  • remember the process of awakening to the fact that you are a Master embodiment of Light and Creation: you are defining your chosen realty right now- what does it look like to operate/live from this knowing and put yourself in the full experience of it
  • remember the act of allowance verses fixing or correcting or the misguided idea that the small you is somehow involved in shifting out or releasing the old programs. Instead your conscious choosing to allow and intend to ascend beyond the old programs/patterns activates your Light. This is a concept the brain will not understand and will try to put it into a category or a process but it is an act of choice to receive Grace from within to lift your energy/frequency/perspective/sensation of existence.
  • establish your personal boundaries
  • define your intentionality 
  • live in your integrity
  • experience freedom and claim your power


Our one-one-one time is about optimizing your time and your energy, clearing the debris that is keeping you in an unsatisfying routine and help you make an everlasting impact on your life and the world around you.

Living with intention, becoming a more whole person.


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