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I teach:

  • mindfulness: living in the present moment 

  • embodiment: how to be a living embodiment of our highest values, including divine universal love

  • light work/energy work: how to use energy every day to change your life and broaden your horizons 

  • meditation: what is it, how to utilize it for heightening your awareness 

  • heart connection: how to live consciously from your higher spiritual heart with practical application 

  • self healing: conscious use of intention, breath and light on mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels 

  • multidimensional awareness: how to become aware of your interconnected part in the planetary, cosmic and multiple dimensions of consciousness and how to actively participate.

  • energy awareness: how to become sensitive to your energy field and system and actively work with it to increase health, vitality and personal boundaries. 

  • emotional awareness: how to become aware of your emotions and how you are affected by emotional energy around you. How to live with emotional awareness.

  • mental awareness: how to become aware of your mental patterns and how to use your mind to support your higher consciousness lifestyle.

  • spiritual awareness: how to experience yourself as a living being of light.

  • speak your truth: how to identify what is in alignment with your highest personal truth and voice that in healthy ways.

  • alignment of your truth: how to identify what your personal truth is and live (thought, voice, action) in accordance with that truth. How to identify when you are compromising your power by not living in alignment with your highest personal truth.

  • Animal communication: how to dialogue with animals and learn from them.

  • Angelic awareness: how to become aware of your angels and work with them to create your best life experience.

  • Star being and master guides: how to connect and work with your support team.

  • Higher universal self: how to communicate and live as your higher self in daily life.